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Castle Pines Electric


  • A member of Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce.
  • Licensed and insured.
  • Over 20 years of experience.
  • Great business plan to bring you the lowest price.
  • Check the Services page for details about cost and services available.

Master Electrician

Scott Ferguson.


“I am a fourth-generation electrician with 30 years of experience. I opened Castle Pines Electric, in 2008, because I knew that I could operate a service company better than the competition. I do business my way to keep the cost down for my clients, who reside anywhere in Castle Rock, Larkspur, Castle Pines and Castle Pines North.”

Why Castle Pines Electric for your in-home electrical needs?

NO GIMMICKS! My business model is the key to my success and my clients savings. Clients are surprised to see how much I can fix for $129.00. This is because, I simply, have a better small business plan.

Castle Pines Electric is a company that minimizes unnecessary costs, in order to offer its clients the lowest cost available on the market.

While other companies work in spread out areas to service the maximum amount of clients, I work a small geographic area and service the maximum amount of clients. This not only lowers the cost to you, but keeps the tax income within the community. Why would you pay someone extra, simply for time and gas it takes, to come from further away?

While larger companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing plans and advertisements, I rely mostly on referrals. I execute a thrifty marketing campaign. I work hard to retrieve referrals, so little advertising is needed. I pass this discount on to my clients.

While other companies are required by law to pay thousands of dollars in workers compensation, I am self-employed. Therefore, I do not have to pay workers compensation. I do pass this discount on to you.

While the “big boys” charge you for their office staff, rent, and storage of frivolous equipment, I carry only what is most-likely needed for 98% of in-home services. I do not waste gas by having a one ton van or bucket truck and I take my own calls to lower your cost.

What sets me apart from the competition inside your home is my ability to do repairs quickly and my ability to make professional modifications look original to your home.

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Service areas include: Castle Pines North, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, and Larkspur (including Perry  Park). If you live in these areas, why pay someone to drive from out of the area?