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Castle Pines Electric, LLC is now offering

Electrical Support via telephone....

“It’s the only way to win without any risk of losing.”

Who is this for...          


Anyone who is looking to save money and has the ability to follow detailed instructions. Some simple tools maybe required.

Anyone wanting to try a risk free, money saving alternative to hiring out work they could possibly do themselves method

If you’re one of those people who can usually fix things yourself and may just need some instruction while your doing it. Castle Pines Electric now offers a phone service that allows you to have a Master Electrician in the palm of your hand. Scott will help you troubleshoot and will instruct you as you detect and fix the electrical problem. Many times Scott can figure out the electrical problem over the phone and if it can be fixed, you can simply mail him a check for $39.99, but if it cannot be fixed over the phone, your $39.99 will go towards your bill when you hire Castle Pines Electric to repair your circuits.

be your own electrician

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Service areas include: Castle Pines North, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, and Larkspur (including Perry  Park). If you live in these areas, why pay someone to drive from out of the area?